1. Wristband Policy – Wristbands are put on to indicate you have paid all your fees and are welcome into the campground. They will only be replaced if you have broken your wristband and the broken band is returned; any lost wristbands will have to be repurchased.
2. All campers and visitors give permission for use of photo and/or video taken by Sunshine Park staff for promotional purposes.
3. Speed limit in the park is 5 km
4. All campers agree that himself/herself along with his/her friends and compatriots will conduct themselves in an acceptable manner while visiting us, including towards staff members of Sunshine Park
5. All campers must be at least 16 years old
6. The quite time begins at 12:00 am (MIDNIGHT) and ends at 8:00 am.
7. No excessive noise at any time (IE. Car bass, loud motor noises, loud music, loud talk, loud motor noise is not accepted) - There is a 24 hour noise by-law in Wasaga Beach.
8. No damage to property, washrooms, tables, trees – No tree cutting, tree stripping, etc
9. No fires over 2 feet high and no burning of any items other than seasoned firewood
10. No fireworks permitted at any time
11. All individuals must be registered on a deposit - This is a $20 deposit per carload, up to 5 people or per person for visitors. All guests agree to open their car or bag (if walking) for inspection upon entering/leaving the park or while on premises when asked
12. The chosen campsite clean at all times
13. Gate to park closes at 2:00 am Friday-Saturday and 12:00 am Sunday-Thursday. No vehicles out after 2:00 am to 8:00 am – unless individual is checking out and has a sober driver. Checking in can happen 24 hours on the weekend.
14. Check out time: 12:00 pm NOON – No deposit will be returned after this time
16. No dogs allowed
17. Any urinating or defecation within the campground will not be tolerated
18. NO GLASS BOTTLES – Glass bottles will be dumped on site
19. No aiding or abetting trespassers
20. Tickets are non-refundable and not transferrable or redeemable for cash.
21. Unauthorized reproduction of tickets is not permitted.
22. Admission is subject to compliance with all laws, facility rules and event regulations.

Your tickets are being purchased from Sunshine Park Campground (the organizer). Tickit's services are limited to generating tickets and forwarding your payment to the organizer. All communications or disputes regarding refunds, chargebacks, changes, disruptions and cancellation are between you and the organizer. Tickit will be not be liable or responsible in any way for refunds or chargebacks in connection with the organizer's events.